Laboratory Relocation & Logistics

Trained and Experienced Professionals

The CMS Companies are proud agent for UniGroup the parent of Mayflower and United Van Lines. We operate multiple regional distribution centers, with trained staff who specialize in the handling of laboratories and sensitive equipment. Our drivers and crew undergo training on the operation, monitoring and service of our generator and climate controlled trucks. No matter how large or small your laboratory is we have the tools, equipment and staff to safely transport your equipment and research!

Generator Equipped Trucks & Trailers
Climate Controlled Trucks & Trailers
NEMA Plug and Adapters

100% Air-Ride Fleet
24/7 Monitoring and Support
Professional Trained Staff (BSL 2/3/4)

Best in Class Equipment

No two Labs are identical and while many share similarities we have developed and invested in the equipment required to support any lab regardless of size or the nature of research. From the transport of full LN2 Dewars to -80 Freezers and Cryogenic Tanks and Lockers, our facilities are prepared for the job.

Un-Interupted Power 10kw-30wk @ (110v,120v,220v,240v)
Full Array of NEMA Locking and Non Locking Plugs
100% Independent Circuits and Breakers
Power & Temperature Monitoring
Dry Ice Back Ups and LN2 Dewar Support
Crating Techs for Microscopes and Equipment
Bio/Fume-Hood, Analyzer and Centrifuge Lift Tables
Isolation Table Lifts

What to Expect - Our Process

Many of our Lab relocations are initiated by either a Purchasing Department, the Prinicpal Invesigator or a member within the group staff. Specific Institutions often require variations to this process and the documentation produced. Below is the most common process flow we conduct.

Receive Initial Request and Determine Cost Center and Account Associations
Conduct Preliminary Consultation
Scope : Move Dates, Lab Size, Power Requirements, Climate Requirements, BSL Requirements, Specimen Requirements, Equipment, Loading Access and Building Requirements
Schedule & Conduct Physical Survey
Physical Survey will gather exact details on our scope including equipment counts, plug types if required and other information. On smaller moves a Physical Survey may not be required.
Submit Relocation Scope and Pricing Proposal
Often Times we will conduct conference calls with various parties to discuss the application of our proposal and scope of work to ensure there are no questions or areas of ambiguity.
Confirm PO Authorization and Payment Proceedings for Proposal
Register and Confirm/Lock all schedules, equipment and services
Tracking Links, Driver and Crew Assignements are made and communicated in this step.
Conduct Pre-Move Conference Call / Webinar
Roles & Responsibilities, How to Prepare for Move Day, Building COI Checklist etc..
Confirm Schedules with 48 Hour pre-calls prior to origin service execution
Execute Origin Services
Execute and Monitor Interstate Transit
Confirm Schedules with 48 Hour pre-calls prior to destination service execution
Execute Destination Services
Perform Post Move Survey and Walkthrough
Address Outstanding Issues
Delayed / Post Move Services, Claims, or Exceptions
Conduct Move Billing and Closure

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