WMS, Integrations, Data Visibility

100% Realtime & Digital

We have been integrating our data and presenting realtime access to clients for years. Our approach is simple, everything we do is online and digital and our clients have access to every step, process and action we take. Starting with inbound documentation, photos and digital signatures and following through to outbound fulfillment tickets and reporting.

Imagine having this level of documentation to manage carrier shipping damage and loss, or supplier short shipping. This competitive advantage is very rare and our clients continue to report back on how this is a game changing factor in saving on claims and inventory shortages!

Our Competitive Advantage

A fully digital operation creates more than just better visibility!!

Competitors CMS Client Value
Digital Inbounding Realtime Visibility From Arrival to Reciept of Shipment.
No disputing container/chassis demurage & detention time!
Digital Inbound Photos & Video See what was received and how it was packed & Shipped!
No disputing shortages or damaged inventory!
Digital Inbound Receipt Receive Inbound Reciept and Inventory Received Digitally
Digital Stock & Cycle Counting Realtime Visibility of Full Stock Checks and Cycle Counts.
No disputing Inventory Differences or Lost Inventory!
Digital Fulfillment Realtime Visibility of Picking, Labeling and Shipping of Orders.
Identify Mis-Ships and Associate scanning failures!
Digital Outbound Photos See what was shipped on an Order.
No disputing mis-ships and RESOLVE MORE CARRIER DAMAGE CLAIMS!
Digital Outbound Receipt Receive Tracking Data and Inventory Amounts Shipped Digitally


We attempt to avoid training and implementing multiple platforms for our staff to operate within. Each new platform and system a team or person must learn, introduces costly training and a significant loss of efficiency. We know the same is true for each of our clients. As with any other supplier we are experts in exchanging the expansive data we collect. From Client Enterprise Resource Platforms (ERP) to 3PL Logistics plaforms and Shopping Cart Systems, our API is easy to implement!


Many of our partners are bound by thier respective clients and supply chain parameters, or frequently previous investments into "Flat File" Exchanges (EDI). We offer secure FTP services where our clients are able to drop and recover the flat files for the over 25 different EDI File Forms. Below are the most commonly exchanged EDI Documents.

  • 943 - Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipping Advice
  • 944 - Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipping Receipt
  • 943 - Warehouse Shipping Order
  • 944 - Warehouse Shipping Advice/Receipt
  • 204 - Motor Carrier Load Tender
  • 211 - Motor Carrier Bill of Lading
  • 215 - Motor Carrier Loading Manifest
  • 810 - Invoice
  • 820 - Payment Receipt / Remittance Advice
  • 846 - Inventory Inquiry / On Hand Advice
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