Commercial Relocation and Office Moving

Workspace (Planning & Relocation)

If you're moving offices, remodeling your workspace, or transitioning to a hybrid office, CMS is committed to delivering the highest levels of service. These all can often have large impacts on your sales and operations. Our highly experienced team partnered with transparent communication/technology we ensure exceptional employee experiences with minimal disruption. With our client portal technology, you have unparalleled visibility and control. Trust CMS for a seamless and efficient office transition. Planning for your relocation is often the most critical step you will take. We are always eager to discuss our techniques and expertise that will help make your relocation as efficient as possible!

Full Service Packing
Difficult Access & Rigging
Labeling and Barcoding
Installationing & De-Installing
Move Planning & Coordination
Debris Removal
Move Tracking

Systems Furniture (Disassembly & Installation)

Whether you have new or existing systems furniture that needs to be taken down, moved, installed or need help with space planning CMS has you covered. Let our experienced installers help you as you right fit your existing or new office space. As a one stop shop CMS is your go to partner for all your workspace needs. Contact us today for a consultation!

Ready and Equipped

At CMS we have invested in the right tools for the job. Our operation is equipped with Escalara Stair Climbers and Treaded Stair Crawlers (Tanks) for those heavy difficult access jobs. We also own and offer a full assortment of moving crates, dollies, carts and moving equipment.

Stacking Crates
Crate Tracking
Carts, Dollies & Hand Trucks
Safe Jacks
Stair Crawlers
Packing Materials
Liftgate Air-Ride Trucks
Trained Professional Crew

Why Moving Crates?

Our clients find that there are five significant reasons to choose Crates over conventional cardboard boxes.

Conventional Cardboard Boxes generally have a very short lifetime. We take great care in sourcing our materials from recycled paper providers, however boxes can only be used on one relocation. Save Trees and consider the Green Method of Moving with Crates!

Security & Safety
Crates provide improvment in crush resistance, puncture proofing and securement. If you desire to protect the items you are packing Crates are substantially better than boxes.

On many relocations clients opt to pack or unpack their own contents. During this process Crates with folding lids and dollies greatly decrease the time consumed in Packing and Un-Packing. Beyond just the time you will save in Packing & Un-Packing, the teams assigned to the movement will save hours and hours on the transportation of your contents as Stacked Crates on Dollies are much faster to move than boxes!

Have you ever moved before and found that it took weeks, months or years to finally un-pack all your boxes? Another great reason to use crates is that these rental terms force employee's, staff and team members to expedite the process of packing and un-packing creating urgency in gettng your workspace back to operational status!

While each relocation has very different timelines and requirements, many moves find significant savings in the cost of crates over the expense of purchasing boxes and the required recycling and/or disposal of those purchased materials. Our clients generally find that any crates used for durations under 30 to 60 days will produce a savings over the actual purchase cost of Boxes.

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